Made for Beginners! A great family winter activity.

Making maple syrup is a fairly simple process -- add a tree, a drill, a way to cook, and some warmish weather and you'll soon have your own stores of syrup. This course is taught by experienced sugarmakers and walks you through the entire process. We've designed this course for the beginner but once you've done it, you'll know everything you need to know to make your own pure maple syrup.

Course is Now Open! Don't wait the season starts soon and only lasts a few weeks.

You are Going to Love This Hobby!

We are so excited to share our love of sugarmaking with you. The first harvest of the year, making maple syrup combines all of our favorites: time in nature, time with our kids and grandkids, a fun activity with a super sweet reward! We know you'll love it. This is one of our country's oldest harvest and it's a tradition your family will treasure. We're here to help you in every way!